Seit 1999

TUFF’S CORPORATION The Project at Company Establishment in1999


We “TUFF’S CORPORATION” are a General Contractor established in 1999, and our Policy is to provide our Global Clients with Best balanced in Quality and Cost Buildings and Properties. Moreover, another Main Business of TUFF’S CORPORATION is to support overall Building Construction Project and to introduce and provide High-Functioning Building Materials and Equipment with Japanese Construction Market from the world. For our Global Clients English and Vietnamese Languages are available for our Services.
Our Businesses are as follows;

-Introduction of our Businesses and Services-
1) General Contractor for Building Construction Project, Design& Construction, Construction only.
Building Construction, Fit-Out and Renovation for Exterior & Interior with Required, Reasonable and Preferable Quality, Cost and Schedule. “Design & Construction”, “Construction only” are both available at client’s disposal.

2) Commercial Support at Contract and Procurement for Building Construction Project.
We support implementation of Selection of Contractors and Suppliers, Contract with various counterparts including negotiation, Payment Control, Solution of Dispute at Client’s Disposal.

3) Technical Control Support for Building Construction Project.
We support Technical Control and Management for Design, Technical issues, Quality, Schedule and so on for Building Construction Project.

4) Overall Project Management for Building Construction.
We support project implementation from Selection of Properties, Planning, Scheduling, Design and Construction to Completion and Operation. Only Project Management without Construction is applicable.

5) Provision of Detailed Drawings for Construction with Study and Verification of Detail Design
We provide Study for Detail Design for Securing Quality and Construction Detailed Drawings by BIM with Study of Detailed Design for Securing Good and Visual Quality.

6) Sales and Installation of Functioning Building Material and Equipment Sales from the World.
① Equipment for Flood Prevention (Designed, Manufactured by Cold Flood Denmark), Import and Sales.
② Corrugated Steel Building(Corrugated Architecture:Designed, Registered by OSIFA), Desing & Build
③ Ground Improvement Equipment(D-Box :Designed, Manufactured by METRY Japan), Design & Build

7) Consulting and Provision of Information
① Consulting and Provision of Information of Real Estate in Japan
② Consulting and Provision of Information of Construction and IZ in Czech Republic
③ Consulting and Provision of Information of Construction and IZ in Croatia
④ Consulting and Provision of Information of Construction and IZ, Real Estate in Vietnam
⑤ Provision of Information of Construction in Ukraine

  • Company Name


  • Company Code

    0111-01-032227 (Japan)
    20111-01-032227 (Japan; For English Company’s name)
    211 19 210 (Czech Republic; IC)
    0317233701 (Vietnam)

  • Registered Company Office

    【Head Office】
    2-24-15-802 Shinmachi Setagaya Tokyo 154-0014 JAPAN

    【Czech Branch】
    Kalolinska 661/4, Karlin, 186 00, Praha 8, CZECH REPUBLIC

    【Vietnam Branch】
    No.9, 4th Street, Quarter 4, An Phu Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM

  • Date of Establishment

    7th December 1999

  • Capital

    40,000,000 JPY

  • Representative Director

    Yasuhiro Shimizu

  • Construction Business License

  • Design Business Registration

  • Business Scope Registered

    01. Design, Construction Supervision, Project Management, Consulting for Construction Project

    02. Building and Civil Construction and Construction Management

    03. Consulting for Building Property and Business

    04. Development, Land Reclamation and Grading, Maintenance of Real Estate Property

    05. Sales, Rental, Property management, Introduction and Mediation of Real Estate Property

    06. Production and Sales of Design and Construction Drawings

    07. Import, Export, Sales, Installation, related Works, Maintenance of Construction Materials

    08. Maintenance of Building and Building Management

    09. Import and Export of Goods

    10. All related works and business above.

  • Project References

  • Design / Supervision Reference

  • Bank Account

    MUFJ Bank Takada-no-baba Branch

  • Business Partners & Associates

    CORRUGATED ARCHITECTURE (JP), Metry (JP), Kamimura Architects & Associates (JP),
    Bilfinger Tebodin (CZ),
    Engineering Company Prof. Katzenbach and Partners- Ukraine (UA)

Company History
  • Establishment of TUFF’S CORPORATION. Representative Director Kuniyasu Shimizu

  • Special Construction Business License, Grade1 Design Office

  • Shanghai Rep. Office established (for Import Materials, closed)

  • Soft Ware Department established (developed to BIM department)

  • Representative. Director Yuki Shimizu

  • Representative. Director Yasuhiro Shimizu

  • Construction Business License

  • Grade 1 Design Office License

  • Czech Branch opened

  • Vietnam Branch opened

Main Construction Reference
  • T University Main Building (A&S) Construction

  • T University Dormitory Extension Renovation

  • M Company Group Home A Construction

  • M Company Group Home B Construction

  • F Company K Condominium Construction

  • K Company P Hotel Construction

  • A Hospital Dialysis Center Renovation

  • FN Company Factory L Construction

  • U Hospital Construction

  • FN Company Factory L Clean Room Fit Out & MEP

  • T University Seismic Reinforcement

  • Mr. S House Fit Out Renovation

  • Y Company Extension Land Grading Works

  • Thailand Pavilion Osaka EXPO 2025 Construction

Main Design Reference
  • T University Main Building Project Design

  • F Company K Condominium Project Design

  • K Company P Hotel Project Design

  • FN Company Factory L Project Design

  • U Hospital Project Design

  • FN Company Factory L Clean Room Project Design

  • T University Seismic Reinforcement Project Design

  • Mr. S House Fit Out Renovation Design

  • K Company Factory Project Design Management

  • C Company Integrated Resort Planning

  • Y Company Extension Development Planning